Janaki managed the Performance Data Improvement Project for the Respite Directorate of NSW Dept of Ageing Disability and Home Care and within 9 months achieved excellent results on several fronts: carried out a data remediation program, educated and convinced over 200 service providers and staff across metropolitan and regional NSW of the importance of recording service usage data, prepared specifications for related IT systems improvement and developed performance measures by collaborating with business stakeholders, end users and IT specialists. In the first quarter after the completion of the project, data reporting improved by 35% and the completeness of data increased by 21%.

I would strongly recommend her consulting services in the area of Business Capability Improvement and Transformational Change Management as she has comprehensive subject matter expertise together with outstanding people skills and has the capacity to make a significant contribution to advancing crucial business processes and systems. In addition my team and I found Janaki to be a joy to work with. Not only did she contribute her outstanding intellect and technical skills, but she was an excellent team player who approached her work with great enthusiasm.

Mary Jane Clark
Executive Director, Respite Directorate
NSW Department of Ageing Disability and Home Care

Janaki, thank you for being such a champion of continuous improvement and improving our customer experience.

Rosemary Kelada
State Manager – Victoria

Janaki was an excellent ambassador for the organisation.

Chris Quirk
Senior Trade Commissioner
Austrade Jakarta

Janaki evaluated and improved the business process by which American Express Consulting assessed the pro-active and reactive work it had to undertake, developed a resource allocation model and developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The Division was able to clearly relate its activities to its targets and operational plan and far exceed its KPIs. Janaki’s conceptual thinking and great team work lead to her outstanding achievement.

Stephen Wooldridge
Head of JAPA Business Planning, Global Commercial Card
American Express Australia Limited

Developed and drove a commodity based business strategy for the Japan, Asia Pacific and Australian Region of the Corporate Card Division to enhance its sales capabilities. This resulted in over $10 Million per annum worth of new billing opportunities within the first six months. Implementation included training sales staff across the Region.

Prashant Aggarwal
Head of Consulting
American Express JAPA

Janaki and the DCE (Document Control Essentials) team not only designed and developed a course structure and content, they also gained accreditation from the Australian Government and have delivered the course to over 800 participants globally. A highlight at the end of last year, was that DCE exceeded the million dollar mark in its revenue contribution to our business.

I thank Janaki for her dedication, passion, hard work and relentless focus on reaching target (which was never missed). It’s been a journey and she’s certainly left her mark around here.

Shani Hillier
General Manager, Client Operations

Mrs Ramachandran has carried out research to find the requirements of various overseas markets which may require our services. She has come across to us as a very professional person who relates to our requirements which has been reflected in the final report she prepared for us from her research. We highly recommend Facilitrade for their services and hope to be doing a lot of work with them in the future.

David B Tullipan
Tullipan Homes

Janaki and I worked together on a number of critical AHO business projects. She is a sensational people person who managed to get buy-in from different parts of the business, dealing with multiple personality types and getting a high level of cooperation from stakeholders. Her communication and engagement skills are incredibly valuable for the type of work that she does, making her far more effective than other Program Managers that I have worked with, in past years. The combination of Janaki’s communication, engagement and professional skills enabled her to meet required project time-lines and budgets, and no doubt make her a highly sought-after Program/Project Manager.

Julie Van Agten
Manager Operations, Aboriginal Housing Office
NSW Department of Family & Community Services

“Last year I was lucky enough to come across Janaki on a list of registered NDIS managers, I called her and immediately knew I was in good hands. She was our Plan and Fund manager since March 2018 and has been very helpful during my time with her on the NDIS. Janaki processed claims with NDIS on my behalf to different therapists and made reimbursements to myself on a timely and periodic basis. She managed my funds very carefully providing regular reconciliation statements. Janaki performed her duties to myself and providers with care and diligence. She was always friendly on the phone and very proficient. Janaki assisted in sourcing and introducing me to service providers and always kept me informed when there was a new therapist around my area.”

Julie Bassil, NDIS Participant.