Facilitrade’s team has successfully developed and delivered large technology and business transformation projects. Below are some examples where they have achieved stipulated project milestones and delivery times and succeeded in working within budgets:

  • Aboriginal Housing Office NSW 
    Program Managed a Service Delivery Program involving multiple frontline business and technology transformation projects.
  • Kincare
    Developed and implemented the Customer Experience & Culture Change Program for Kincare Ltd, Australia’s largest in-home aged care service provider, which involved working simultaneously on a range of transformation projects nationally and across all six disciplines of the organisation.
  • Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care, NSW 
    Managed the state-wide Data Remediation Project to improve compliance and the quality of data reported by more than 200 service providers.
  • American Express Corporate Card Division 
    Developed and drove a commodity-based marketing strategy for the Corporate Card Division of the Japan, Asia Pacific and Australian Region to enhance its sales capabilities. This resulted in over $10 million per annum of new billing opportunities. Implementation included training sales staff across the region.
  • Austrade
    Worked on several strategic projects including the development and implementation of a Core Business System to workflow and track work across the global network. Managed the transformation of the Market Research Unit to a decentralised global operation and Re-engineered Austrade’s Jakarta office.
  • Aconex
    Managed large portfolio of projects to develop and internationally launch the world’s first formal qualification and training programs in document control in a project environment.
  • Moldex Metric
    Managed the Service Delivery Program and developed end to end processes to enhance customer experience including administrative, warehouse stock control, logistics and compliance processes.
  • Austrade
    Assessed customer needs, ran focus groups, created business specifications and worked with IT to develop functional specifications for the Core Business System. This was a technological transformation to track and measure workflow across Austrade’s global network. Assisted with the testing and roll out of the system internationally.
  • Moldex Metric
    Revamped the Australian Operation’s administrative, warehouse stock control, logistics and compliance processes to enhance the customer experience.
  • Austrade
    Compared the results of annual client surveys against KPI targets and output measures, prepared gap analyses and implemented Annual Service Improvement Programs for 70 offices worldwide which increased client satisfaction from 78% to 81.8% in three years.
  • Facilitrade
    Developed and copyrighted Performance Improvement – an Upward Spiralling Process© a process which outlines the steps for continuous performance improvement.
  • Moldex-Metric
    Implemented a framework for Performance Measurement & Service Improvement for Moldex-Metric Inc’s Australian operations.
  • American Express
    Evaluated and improved the business process by which American Express Consulting assessed the proactive and reactive work it undertook, developed a resource allocation model and developed KPIs. The division was able to clearly plan its activities to its targets and operational plan and far exceed its KPIs.
  • Austrade
    Reengineered workflows processes in Austrade Jakarta by triaging services into specific streams and established a Business Services Unit to apply resources according to the speed and expertise required for each type of service. This freed up experienced staff to focus on the more value add services and achieve set delivery times.
  • NSW Department of Ageing Disability and Home Care
    Managed the Performance Data Improvement Project for the Respite Directorate and within 9 months achieved an unprecedented improvement in data reporting (35%) and completeness of data (21%).
  • Kincare
    Managed the Customer Experience Culture Change Program for Kincare Ltd, Australia’s largest in-home aged care service provider, by studying customers’ pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase journeys and implementing service improvement strategies and training programs.
  • Aconex 
    Assessed customer feedback through regular surveys and developed the product and services to meet customer needs and service standards.
  • Austrade 
    Formulated the Annual Service Improvement Agenda for each of 70 international offices.
  • Moldex Metric
    Revamped the ordering, stock control and invoicing processes for Moldex Metric which produced a vastly enhanced customer relationship with key clients such as Wesfarmers, J. Blackwood & Sons and BOC Gas and Gear.
  • American Express
    Developed and drove a commodity-based marketing strategy for the Japan, Asia Pacific and Australian region of the Corporate Card Division to enhance its sales capabilities. This resulted in over $10 million per annum worth of new billing opportunities within the first six months. Implementation included training sales staff across the region.
  • Aconex
    Aconex was an established global market leader in document control systems. Established a new business division for education and training, developed a ground-breaking qualification and training program for document control in a project environment. Within 3 years delivered the program to over 800 participants across ANZ, EMEA, Asia and North America.
  • Tullipan Homes
    Managed overseas market research to determine export prospects for pre-fabricated kit homes, prioritised markets and recommended market entry strategies.
  • Austrade
    Established market research quality assurance processes.
  • Dana Spicer Axle
    Implemented Oracle Costing and Fixed Asset Systems.
  • D & R Henderson
    Formulated standard costing policies and procedures in inventory control and cost accounting. Achieved cost and operational efficiencies in business processes, critically analysed cost variances and determined the break-even point. Implemented Baan ERP System.
  • Gazelle Foods
    Set up Activity Based Costing.
  • Crane Copper
    Implemented J. De Edward manufacturing software.
  • Luv-A-Duck
    Introduced Standard Costing System, cost modelling, bill of materials, routing and charge out rates for cost centres.
  • Arthropharm
    Achieved cost efficiencies through improved business and manufacturing processes and introduced a formal methodology for capital assets planning and resource allocation.
  • Moldex Metric
    Achieved cost efficiencies in insurances, telecom services and fleet management, and accomplished better credit control, beneficial terms and discounts achieving an outstanding 100% audit approval.
  • Corporate Governance
    Set up new business divisions for several organisations including establishing governance structures, policies, strategies, risk management frameworks, roles and responsibilities.
  • Governance for Directors
    Advised several boards of directors on governance and compliance including the law and procedure of meetings and directors’ responsibilities. Advised companies on the most suitable organisational structure for their type of business, drafted company constitutions and incorporated companies in line with ASIC regulations.
  • Program/Project Governance
    Defined the framework and governance structure for large service delivery programs including articulating the roles, responsibilities and decision-making authorities. Managed risks, resources and interdependencies between projects within each program and prepared reports on compliance and project status.
  • Designed and ran workshops and focus groups to enhance customer experience. Some examples of where these were delivered with great success are at Aboriginal Housing Office, Kincare, Austrade and Aconex.
  • Coordinated with HR at Kincare to develop training content and train 1600 staff (home care workers, program managers and admin staff) to shift towards a customer-centric focus.
  • Trained project teams on Project Management protocols through interactive workshops and case studies.

Facilitrade is one of the earliest Registered NDIS Plan Managers in NSW. It aims to ensure participants’ Plans are effectively administered, whereby maximising benefit in the use of their funds.

Facilitrade will assist with the overall management of the plan and will:

  • Assist the participant to select providers
  • Develop service agreements
  • Pay providers
  • Develop monthly statements for participants
  • Claim payment from the NDIA and
  • Assist the participant to develop skills for self-management of their Plan in future, where this is possible.